Finance and Payment

Flexible options to suit all...

A Vending Machine can be a big investment...

That's why LC Vending Services offer a range of ways to pay.

Rental Packages

A range of rental packages (both service inclusive and exclusive) are available on many of the machines we supply.

With a rental package, the agreement is between you (the customer) and LC Vending (the supplier). A lot of our customers consider this the most economic way of funding a machine, however ownership is retained by us.

Customer Support
Lease Purchase

Why not pay for your vending machine over a period of time?

With a lease, the agreement is made between you and the leasing company. We can put you in touch with our preferred leasing supplier, who will discuss options with you and tailor a plan to your business.

Ownership is maintained by the leasing company for the duration of the agreement, but can usually be transferred to you after the contract period.

Get in touch to enquire about lease-purchases or request details of our preferred leasing company.

Service Packages and Warranties

All our purchased machines (either cash-purchase or lease-purchase) come with an extensive 12-months parts & labour warranty, plus a further 12-months parts-only warranty. Service packages can be purchased to extend these warranties. Breakdown costs and call-out charges are included unless the fault is caused by vandalism or misuse of the machine(s).

All rented machines include breakdown costs and call-out charges unless the fault is caused by vandalism or misuse of the machine(s).

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