Coffee Station

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Station

Provide your staff or visitors with Coffee-Shop style drinks!

Our New Coffee Station is available to Rent, fully managed by us.

Coffee Station
Coffee Station Machine
The Station

The Coffee Station is a self-contained unit complete with cup & lid dispensers as well as space for sugar sticks and stirrers.

The touch-sensitive bean-to-cup coffee machine provides an easy-to-use interface for first-time users, and produces fantastic tasting fresh coffees as well as tea and hot chocolate drinks.

A large top door allows easy access to load ingredients, and is supported by strong gas struts to ensure it stays in the correct position.

The wipe-clean worktop surface includes a waste chute for users to dispose of used stirrers or sugar sticks.

Coffee Station Menu
The Drinks

Coffees are delivered freshly ground from the bean in an 8oz or 12oz paper cup. The machine can even produce superb-quality freshly brewed tea and luxurious hot chocolates.

To further enhance the drinks and provide the user with a true Coffee-Shop Style experience, the Station includes two coffee syrup options. Vanilla Lattes and Caramel Cappuccinos can be delivered with a touch of a button.

Choose from a huge selection of syrups including Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Gingerbread...

Coffee Station Colours

The Station can be built to your specification!

A variety of colours are available for the surround which can also be branded with a vinyl wrap on the doors and sidepanels - displaying your company's logo, tagline or custom design.

The drink menu can be adjusted to your specification - including two options of coffee syrups and choice of coffee bean.

Enquire about some branded, insulated paper cups to complete your custom look!

If you think the Coffee Station may be the right fit for your business, let us know!