Jede Lynx

Compact Table-top Hot Drinks Machine...

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Free Starter-Pack1, when you order a Jede Lynx of any specification!
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1 Starter Pack Contains:
2 x Arabica, 2 x Espresso Grande, 2 x Choco Royale, 3 x Cafe White, 3 x Cappuccino Topping & 1 x Kristal.

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  • Compact table-top machine.
  • Semi-automatic drink delivery - use your own cup.
  • One-button-press drinks menu.
  • Low drink costs.
  • Low maintenence requirements.


  • 'Hand-fill' water option where mains water is unavailable.
  • Coin validator for taking payments.
  • Matching base cabinet, with storage space for stock.


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